Box of Frogs

Boredinbrum review of Box Of Frogs


I’m a member of several meetup groups and saw that there was a free comedy improvisation night event on the Go: Heart of England meetup group. As my car insurance is due I figured a free event was in my price range.

The night was ran by the Box of Frogs at the Blue Orange theatre in the Jewellery Quarter.

I arrived alone about 7.20 and got a drink. While waiting to go in I was offered a seat in the cafe by a lovely couple who chatted to me about other events at the theatre and completed the slips with questions on to answer.

We went into the theatre and about 50 people had turned up. With about 20 empty seats so a good crowd with room for more.


Box of Frogs was hosted by JP who was an excellent front man, he got the audience involved from the…

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