Box of Frogs produced a bumper Christmas show at the Blue Orange Theatre, pleasing a large audience with a collection of comedy sketches.  This is the best free night out in Birmingham by far.

The evening was compered by Jay, a professional stand up comedian who engaged with the audience so well that they were laughing before any of the sketches began.  He outlined the rules for each sketch – for example, we have an expert being interviewed – and then asked the audience to add in the details.  In this performance the audience suggested an expert in cabbages, and the interview revealed just how envious cabbages are of sprouts at Christmas.

The great thing with any sketch show is variety, and there was a huge amount on offer in this show.  Wordplay, ridiculous situations, poetry, physical comedy, singing, unusual accents, comments on gender equality and silly dancing were all used to entertain a packed house.  This means there really is something for every audience member, and it would be a challenge to not laugh at some point in the two hour show.

A significant section of the crowd had not seen any improvised comedy before.  Reviews posted on show it went down well:

  • hilarious
  • superb night…great entertainment
  • FAB ! Also extremely talented. Thanks for the laughs xx 🙂 

Box Of Frogs perform at the Blue Orange Theatre on the third Monday of every month.


Keep up to date with all improvised theatre & comedy shows in the Midlands                                    @midlands_improv


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