Jumprov are the newest improv troupe in Birmingham and the first in the UK to be made up entirely of non-white performers.  The group was formed to add a different voice to the artform, with the aim of creating a wider variety of scenes and reaching a wider audience.  They succeed in this, simply because the improvisers naturally bring their own point of view to the stage.  This means that this is not just the most ethnically diverse improv show you’ll see, it’s the most Brummie one too.

The show is fronted by Sunny Dhap, founder of Jumprov, who is a likeable and engaging host.  The night is made up of a collection of short scenes, each one following a simple rule which restricts the performers and increases the fun for the audience.  One scene revealed the secret life of objects in a laboratory, another was in the style of Blind Date where the questioner had to guess the secret identity that the other contestants had assumed.  These gave quick, snappy laughs but there were longer, more natural scenes too.  A typical example was the grandchild trying to help their grandmother use a laptop, with all of the lines for one performer coming directly from the latest text messages sent by an audience member.

Many improv shows revolve around two characters standing still and talking to each other, but Jumprov bring a greater physicality to their performance.  There is also a strong use of accents and an awareness of the overall stage picture.  This reflects the talents of the group (David Jackson, Adaya Henry, Marius Turner, Chantal Erraoui, Jay Droch, Jade Samuels and Sunny Dhap) who have a strong collection of acting CVs behind them.  The team is very relaxed and confident together, a fine combination which promises more laughs in future.

You can see Jumprov perform at The Old Joint Stock Theatre on Thursday 4th May 2017 at 8PM. Tickets £10 + booking fee via


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