Here’s what people have been saying about Birmingham’s freshest improv group.

Love Midlands Theatre

  • Improvisational comedy is a rare skill which on the whole the group executes extremely well with hilarious results
  • The camaraderie and chemistry between each performer is the root of much of the best material
  • An admirable and impressive endeavour

Bum On A Seat

  • The team work like a well-oiled machine, sharing the kind of strong rapport necessary to keep the enterprise from falling flat on its face
  • Quick-witted and versatile
  • A wonderful evening in the company of talented entertainers

Olivia Loves Theatre

  • Put the audience at ease
  • Very funny sketches
  • Whether you’re an existing fan of improv or not, I’d definitely recommend going along

British Bindi

  • Thereโ€™s something special about watching a show, that you know no one else has ever seen, or in fact will ever see again
  • Thisย group of actors have sparkling energy together and warmth that draws you in as the audience
  • We cannot recommend this show enough and how your cheeks will be sore from laughter!

Grace Bee

  • I’m not sure how they managed to come up with ideas so quickly, and it’s anyone guess how they managed to make the show so funny
  • A genuinely funny show in which they played on their own stereotypes
  • A fantastic evening

Mum Meets World

  • Relaxed and informal, and the actors have a likability that leaves you rooting for them
  • This ethnically diverse group are free to use and challenge racial and religious stereotypes in ways that a less diverse group may not be comfortable with
  • Itโ€™s the passion and ethos of the group that impressed me the most


  • Excellent show
  • Smashed it
  • Fantastically funny
  • Funny to the core
  • Awesome time
  • Wicked show
  • Talented funny bunch
  • Catch them if you can
  • Highly recommended
  • Cried with laughter
  • Amazing
  • Loved it


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