Lovehard Murder

It’s been a busy week for LoveHard duo Jacob Lovick & Tyler Harding.  They have hosted & performed in both Hilarity Ensues, their monthly comedy night, and Murdered By Murder, their hour-long show which is touring the UK.

Hilarity Ensues achieved the goal of providing a wider range of laughs than typical comedy nights, expanding beyond stand up to include approaches such as improv.  Murdered By Murder does something similar, building on the success of their previous full-length show, The House On The Hill, and leaving room for elements of improvisation within a structured piece of theatre.  Here’s what people have been saying about the show when it came to Birmingham.

Birmingham What’s On

  • comic geniuses
  • spectacularly written whodunnit-style show
  • the laughs from the audience didn’t stop

Love Midlands Theatre

  • an absolute masterclass in characterisation
  • some quite hilarious ad lib-ing and improvisation
  • I’m sure Dickens himself would have been full of praise for this production

Red And Gold Web

  • a wonderful evening of belly laughs
  • it is phenomenal
  • very clever, very funny and unique comedy acting, the likes of which you will not see anywhere else


  • 10/10 would recommend
  • fantastic show
  • fabulously funny



LoveHard are currently touring the UK and will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.





  1. Jacob and Tyler are unique gifted. They should be available on prescription as they do have an ability to make everyone feel better. I am looking forward to seeing their next play.
    Their humour is funny, clever and certainly one of a kind.


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