Lovehard Murder

This is an expanded version of a previous blogpost to allow for the great reviews LoveHard have been getting on tour.

Broadway Baby

  • the best of both the theatre and comedy worlds
  • improvised jokes mid-show
  • unparalleled in comedy writing and delivery

Voice Magazine

  • convincing and unique characters
  • flawlessly delivered
  • an unforgettable Fringe experience

North West End

  • There are hilarious twists and turns…
  • …and even a bit of improvisation which goes down a treat
  • A duo that are going places

Birmingham What’s On

  • comic geniuses
  • spectacularly written whodunnit-style show
  • the laughs from the audience didn’t stop

Love Midlands Theatre

  • an absolute masterclass in characterisation
  • some quite hilarious ad lib-ing and improvisation
  • I’m sure Dickens himself would have been full of praise for this production

Red And Gold Web

  • a wonderful evening of belly laughs
  • it is phenomenal
  • very clever, very funny and unique comedy acting, the likes of which you will not see anywhere else


  • simply hilarious
  • brilliantly entertaining
  • tear-jerkingly funny
  • so entertained for the full hour my ribs hurt
  • can’t remember the last time I laughed that much
  • absolutely fabulous
  • the best show I’ve seen so far at EdFringe
  • laughed my socks off
  • the most original murder mystery you have ever seen
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • fantastic show
  • fabulously funny



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