There are more than 30 improv performances at Leicester’s huge comedy festival in February.  The reviews below give a taste of what is to come.

Leicester comedy festival 2018

8th – Rhymes Against Humanity – “Totally bizarre, funny and enthralling”

9th – The MMORPG Show – “An hilarious hour of geekery”

10th/24th – Darren Walsh – “Given any topic he’ll invent or remember a gag on it”

10th/19th – The Same Faces – “Comedy goodness…a strong team of performers”

11th – Russell Hicks – “Hilarious stuff…a talent for riffing off the fly”

11th – Austentatious – “Hilariously bold…ridiculously silly…wickedly funny”

11th – Punel Show – “A masterclass in fast paced puns”

13th-22nd – Nicholas Holt   “The master of combining comedy with anything”

15th/16th – Showstopper! – “More talent here than in any show I’ve seen”

15th/16th – Ben Van Der Velde – “Reliably entertaining”

16th – Happily Never After – “Sure to go down as greats in theatre history”

17th – Anna Morris – “A quick wit and an impressive ability to react”

22nd – The Clones – “Characterisations as perfect as I’ve ever seen”

23rd/24th – Crime Scene Improv – “Top tier entertainment”

24th – Spontaneous Sherlock – “Undeniably funny from start to finish”

25th – Improv Smackdown – “A fantastically funny night out”


There’s also plenty of unscripted humour from shows combining a mix of stand-up comedians.  Look out for Silent Comedy (10th), Tom Young’s Daft Conversation (12th) and Improv Provocateur (22nd/23rd).


The Leicester Comedy Festival runs 7th-25th February in Leicestershire & Rutland.  Get your tickets now at http://comedy-festival.co.uk/



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