A comedy group has banned references to Donald Trump and Brexit at their Glee Club show later this month.  The rule has been introduced to ensure there is a wide range of laughs available to all at their live comedy show.

The Box Of Frogs sketch group are based in Birmingham and have been performing improvised comedy for 9 years.  The group relies on audience suggestions to create scenes and songs on demand.  However, on 27 May they will be telling comedy-goers that the show is a Trump-and-Brexit-free-zone.  The night will be the first time local improvisers have put on a full length show at the region’s premier comedy venue.

Jon Trevor, leader of comedy group Box Of Frogs, said, “We want our show to be fun for everybody, and that isn’t possible if you spend half the time making jokes about people who think differently to you.  We should all be able to laugh together, not just by poking fun at others.  The show will focus on the comedy in everyday things and seeing the funny side of life.”

Having this rule also means the performers are guaranteed to perform new material at every show.  Eliminating comedy topics covered by many stand-ups means the improvisers are forced to find humour in unexpected places.

Adam Jaremko of the Glee Club said, “We aim to have something for everybody at The Glee Club, from household names to underground comedians.  We love putting on improv shows as it’s a chance to showcase a different type of humour and attract audiences that are sometimes put off by traditional stand-up.”

Improv comedy has been growing in popularity across the region in recent years.  2016 saw the first Birmingham Improv Festival, headlined by local star Josie Lawrence.  In 2017 there were 275 improv shows across the Midlands, up 57% on the previous year.  There are a dozen acts based in Birmingham but this is the first time one of them will run their own night at Birmingham’s premier comedy club.

Box Of Frogs are performing at The Glee Club on Sunday 27 May.  Tickets cost £7 and are available at


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