Two of Birmingham’s most experienced improvisers, Kate Knight & Suzie Evans, combine their talents as Squidheart. Each show starts with a single word from the audience, and the duo chat about what this word means to them. These thoughts inspire the scenes that follow, each scene connecting back to that discussion and the original word.

In this performance, the word “mystic” inspired a conversation about Mystic Meg and the National Lottery, memories of Saturday night takeaways and obsessive TV watching. This very natural introduction sparked off all sorts of interesting ideas and gave us a chance to get to know the performers. It was also entertaining in its own right, with Suzie’s description of Love Island delivered with perfect comedy timing. Kate’s revelation that eating spicy beef pizza while watching Gladiators had turned her into a vegan that didn’t own a television was also great fun, showing both performers are funny without even trying.

These threads were picked up in the scenes that followed. We met Mystic Meg recording adverts for a cable TV show, desperate to impress others with the last flicker of her fame. This was followed by a husband and wife in couples therapy, approaching old age and considering an eternity together in the afterlife. Finally we saw two old friends spending a quiet night in front of the telly together, desperate to avoid the feeling of boredom that comes from looking after a family. This was my highlight of the show, with the honest admission that parenthood makes you boring generating the biggest laugh of the night.  This was developed further via flirting with the takeaway delivery driver which quietly boosted the ego of the tired mother.

Despite only having two performers on stage, the scenes regularly featured more than two characters as Kate and Suzie swap roles during scenes, playing multiple characters at the same time to move the story forward. This was all done with a high level of skill, and it was clear to the audience what was going on at all times. This wide range of characters breathed life into the show, making it easy to forget there were just two people providing all of the action.  The characters were all realistic too, allowing the humour to flow from everyday things.  An easy show to enjoy with lots of laughs from start to finish.  Catch them if you can.


Squidheart perform regularly across the Midlands.


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