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There’s a comedy sketch show in central Coventry which has something for everyone.  The whole show is made up of short scenes which vary in tone and subject, covering whatever topics the audience chooses.  Billed as a family friendly show, this means there is no swearing and no adult topics in any of the scenes.  While there were children in the audience this doesn’t make it a kid’s show, but a show suitable for all ages and tastes.

The host of the night (Kaz Sangha) introduces each sketch by saying who will be in it and what the basis of the scene is.  One game that worked particularly well was Beastie Boys, a rhyming competition where the performers create a brand new rap and the audience have to complete the rhymes.  When it’s done well the audience call out in one voice, as if singing along to a song they already know.  When it’s done badly there’s a moment of silence and then everybody laughs at the failed rapper on stage.  Another funny scene was Emo Date, where we saw someone on a first date cycle between acting like an It Girl (Matt Dibbens), Michael Jackson fan (Nathan Wade) and someone obsessed with childbirth (Luke Heritage).

I enjoyed the moments when the personalities of the performers shone through, like the sketch with the two Roman soldiers (Rob Yeo & Kaz Sangha) where a messed up salute led to genuine embarrassment.  When these accidents happen it is delightful, and the atmosphere of the show means everyone can enjoy these mistakes for what they are.  Clearly the group are doing something right as they have a large and diverse audience, many of which return month after month.  There’s no charge to attend but a collection is held at the end for a local charity.  This is a lovely touch, meaning the show makes the city a better place to live in more ways than one.

Coventry Improv perform at Esquires Coffee on the second Friday of each month.


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