The Same Faces diagonal crop

Here’s what people have been saying about the Leicester-based group’s regular shows across the Midlands and festival appearances.

A Small Mind At The Theatre

  • Bring the stage alive with their impulsive talent
  • The talent on stage keeps the evening firmly in the hit department
  • Crashes into the quite superb realms of sheer brilliance

The Real Chrisparkle

  • Incredible value for over 2 hours of entertainment
  • Absolutely hilarious
  • We will certainly be back for more


  • The Same Faces have reinvented the format for intimate theatre
  • Performers jump in and outdo each other to take the narrative in a different direction

On Stage Northants

  • An award winning improv comedy group
  • Their brand of funny is guaranteed to have their audience returning


  • You guys were brilliant!
  • Improv done the way it SHOULD be done


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