Here’s what people have been saying about Nottingham’s premier improv group.

Reyt Good Magazine

  • One of the best comedy nights I have ever been to
  • The room was buzzing with an incredible energy
  • I was grinning with child-like glee for the entirety of the show

Culture Fly

  • The gamble of spending my Friday night with MissImp at Glee Club hugely paid off
  • Funniest Friday night available in Nottingham
  • Absolutely hilarious


  • Hit or miss?  Definitely HIT!
  • Smart, eloquent wordplay and quick comic reflexes
  • Every single audience member laughed their heads off throughout

Left Lion

  • An improv tour-de-force
  • Creativity, collaboration and comedy make for a hell of a combination
  • You get a feel for how friendly and supportive the performers are

Three Weeks

  • Fun, inclusive improv
  • The troupe’s humility, despite their patent talent, is refreshing
  • The pace never slackens


  • Funny and gloriously bizarre scenes
  • They bounced off of one another, taking another’s funny line and making it snowball in unexpected and entertaining ways
  • MissImp’s performers’ comedic timing and ability means your Friday evening’s entertainment is in good hands

Notts Comedy Review

  • What interested me in this night was the quality of the performers
  • The next generation of the Nottingham comedy scene
  • Very enjoyable


  • Not only were the shows great but the crowd was totally into it
  • Very sharp, quick witted & incredibly funny
  • The jam at the end made the night perfect


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