Full listings for all UK online improv shows in April below.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a show – many are still available online after the event.


Since so many shows are recurring events I’ve arranged this by day rather than date.  Click below to jump to the day you’re interested in.




The Maydays: The award-winning theatre company perform a brand new show every week on their Facebook page.



Board Game Smackdown: Comedian and UK board game chamption James Cook makes his funny friends play board games. Watch on YouTube, Facebook or show website.

Couch improv (14/04 only?): A livestream of the group’s Spotify improv show, with audience members able to add songs to the playlist.



Comedy Sportz: Family friendly lunchtime comedy show to give the kids a break from homeschooling, viewable on YouTube.

Extreme Improv: Fun and interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…

Notflix: Join the #NotFilmClub on Twitter & Facebook and let Notflix add improvised nonsense to your enjoyment of a classic film.

Sidney Bingham Is Dead: A murder mystery by Let Us Make It Up To You, available on Facebook Live.

The SHAHtdown (15/04 only?): Ki Shah plays the host, guests and visiting experts in this solo improv show.



Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Check out the “Random Days” section at the bottom of this post.



Lunchtime Sportz: Family friendly comedy show to give the kids a break from homeschooling, viewable on YouTube.

Isolation: A brand new live streamed improv show via Facebook each week from a stalwart of West End smash Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

Board Game Smackdown: His name is James and he likes games. If you do too then watch professional comedians being silly on YouTube, Facebook or show website.

Hoopla Online: Live streaming improv shows every Friday night on Facebook.

Bristol Improv Theatre: A different act performs every Friday night via Twitch.



Comedy Sportz: Get comfy on the sofa and get your typing fingers at the ready to make  suggestions for this YouTube comedy show.

Hoopla Online: More weekend improv from London Bridge to your living room via Facebook Live.

Bristol Improv Theatre: Solo performers and groups create improv fun over Twitch.

The Nursery Presents:  An ongoing series of experimental shows featuring vintage formats and weird experiments, improv gurus and newbs, all on YouTube.



Hoopla Mega Jam: Fun games and comedy formats optimised for online play over Zoom.

Impronauts (26/04 only):  Live YouTube stream of improvised games, with your chance to shape the show from the comfort of your own home.



Abandoman: The world famous improvised hip hop comedian has been doing occasional gigs on Instagram Live.

The Improvised Chat Show: Featuring guests who have unusual reasons to be famous, as suggested by the audience, this can be seen regularly on Facebook Live.

The Noise Next Door: The Edinburgh Fringe favourites have been creating songs based on Twitter requests as part of their #ComedyLockdown.

The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences:  Watch on YouTube or Twitch as this Cambridge group intertwine the stories of four people with a down-to-earth vibe.

Mad Monkey Improv:  Watch this well-established group from Reading perform occasional shows on Facebook Live.

What’s In The Box?: A panel show where each guest brings a box of tat and nobody knows what the rules are, not even the host.


Have I missed a show?  Get in touch and let me know.                                    @MidlandsImprov


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