Award-winning comedian and UK board game champion James Cook makes funny people play games for your pleasure.  Here’s what people have been saying about this Edinburgh Fringe hit which you can now watch online every Tuesday & Friday at 6pm.

Broadway Baby

  • The best parts of the show were watching them work together and seeing their different energies play with one another.
  • The audience were constantly engaged with the help of James Cook’s warm and endearing hosting.
  • A friendly and relaxed quality.

Whitehaired Irishman

  • I know it sounds awful but it’s actually all kinds of wonderful
  • You’ll instantly know if it is for you or not
  • A wonderfully different show


  • The cream of Birmingham’s comedy scene
  • They had a blast recording this
  • Looking forward to more of them


  • Really fun watching the improvisation in many of the games
  • This was pretty jolly good
  • Fantastic!


  • You don’t have to be a geek or nerd to enjoy this
  • We laughed from the opening sentence to the end
  • One of the best shows we saw at the Fringe

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