Full listings for all UK online improv shows in July below.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a show – many are still available online after the event.

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Most shows are happen on the same day every week.

Click below to jump to the day you are interested in.




Shoot From The Hip: The first of two weekly livestreams of improv games on Facebook and YouTube.

Notflix DVD Extras:  Film titles, movie characters and locations are combined in brand new ways to create improvised scenes via Facebook Live.



Showstopper The Improvised Musical (21/07 only): A brand new socially-distanced musical from the Olivier Award winners.

Couch improv: A livestream of the group’s Spotify improv show, with audience members able to add songs to the playlist.

Werewolf Live…stream: The UK’s best comedians play the famous bluffing game for your amusement on Twitch.



Comedy Store Players (08/07 only): For the first time ever, see this world-famous team online as they release a pre-lockdown show from the archives.

Bendy House & Friends: Join the improv duo for their fortnightly shows on Facebook Live, each with a different guest group.

Extreme Improv: Fun and interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…

Comedy Sportz: Family friendly comedy show where two teams go head to head to find out who is funnier, viewable on YouTube.

Notflix: Join the #NotFilmClub on Twitter & Facebook and let Notflix add improvised nonsense to your enjoyment of a classic film.



Gorilla Burger (23/07 only):  A cheery evening of live improvised comedy carnage! It’s theatre karaoke where you can be the star.  Participate on Zoom, watch on Facebook.

The Hang: Comedy about the conversations we have when nothing else is going on, available on Facebook Live.

Extreme Improv: More fun and interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…



Isolation: A brand new live streamed improv show via Facebook each week from a stalwart of West End smash Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

Bristol Improv Theatre: A different act performs every Friday night via Twitch.

Hoopla Online: Live streaming improv shows every Friday night on Facebook.

Board Game Smackdown: Comedian and UK board game chamption James Cook makes his funny friends play board games. Watch on YouTube, Facebook or show website.

Abandoman: The world famous improvised hip hop comedian starts the weekend on Instagram Live.

Shoot From The Hip: The second of two weekly livestreams of improv games on Facebook and YouTube.



Comedy Sportz: Two teams go for gold with totally unscripted competitive comedy, viewable on YouTube.

Jumprov: Quick-witted high stakes improv games as part of Improv Comedy Bangalore’s 5th anniversary bash.  Live streamed on Twitch.

Abandoman: More improvised hip hop on Instagram Live every Saturday night.

Hoopla Online: More weekend improv from London Bridge to your living room via Facebook Live.

Bristol Improv Theatre: Solo performers and groups create improv fun over Twitch.

What’s In The Box?: Weekend edition of the panel show which revolves around each guest bringing a cardboard box full of who knows what.



Hoopla Mega Jam: Fun games and comedy formats optimised for online play over Zoom.

Abandoman: The world famous improvised hip hop comedian ends the weekend with another gig on Instagram Live.



The Showstoppers:  Whenvever the fancy takes them, West End stars challenge the musical geniuses to cook up a brand new song in 24 hours.

The Noise Next Door: The Britains Got Talent stars have been creating songs, games and general nonsense on Twitter to help pass the time.

Mad Monkey Improv:  Watch this well-established group from Reading perform occasional shows on Facebook Live.

Abandoman: The world famous improvised hip hop comedian has been doing bonus weekday gigs at short notice on Instagram Live.

The Free Association:  Archive shows of cop drama The Badge and Armando-style Jacuzzi are being released on YouTube during lockdown.

Austentatious:  Download a video of a pre-lockdown performance or listen to a classic Radio 4 show from the archives.


Have I missed a show?  Get in touch and let me know.                                    @MidlandsImprov


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