Full listings for all UK online improv shows in December below.



Mischief Movie Night (28/12 only): The original Mischief team will not be deterred and are STILL taking to the stage for a week of online shows.

Shoot From The Hip: The first of two weekly livestreams of improv games on Facebook and YouTube.



Couch improv (01/12 only): Special livestream of the group’s Spotify improv show featuring Craig Cackowski, with audience members able to add songs to the playlist.

The Showstoppers (22/12 only): A special Christmas livestream with a brand new musical based entirely on audience suggestions.

Mischief Movie Night (29/12 only): Matinee and evenings shows from the Mischief team live on stage while the audience watches from home on the sofa.

Werewolf Live…stream: The UK’s best comedians play the famous bluffing game for your amusement on Twitch.



Mischief Movie Night (30/12 only): Exclusive live streams from the “Play That Goes Wrong” people for you to participate or simply enjoy with friends and family over the festive season.

Extreme Improv: Fun and interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…


Board Game Smackdown: UK board game chamption James Cook makes his funny friends play board games on YouTube and Facebook.



Gorilla Burger (10/12 only): Theatre karaoke where you can be the star. Send a message to join the Zoom call, or just watch on Facebook live.

A Little Something Special (17/12 only): A charming little online improv show from your friends at Glossop Improv that will entertain and delight, all in less than an hour.

Mischief Movie Night (31/12 only): The final show from the Mischief team is a New Years Eve special.

The Noise Next Door (31/12 only): Mind-blowing songs and jaw dropping gags all made up based on what YOU want to see. Get ready for the new year laughing like a drain.

Extreme Improv: More interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Watch on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…



Isolation (11/12 only): A brand new live streamed improv show via Facebook each week from a stalwart of West End smash Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

Unmute (11/12 & 18/12 only): A new half hour livestreamed online impro show designed for the Zoom Generation.

Revenge Of The Werewolf: Interactive show based on the social deduction game.  Can you find the werewolf? Watch on YouTube, Facebook & Twitch.

Shoot From The Hip: The second of two weekly livestreams of improv games on Facebook and YouTube.



Improv Provocateur Christmas Special (19/12 only): The bravest comedians face a range of near the knuckle improvised games.



Squares In The Round (20/12 only): A soap opera based entirely on audience suggestions. Watch on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Creatures (20/12 only): Inspired by a constantly playing soundtrack and drawing inspiration from the animal world, prepare to be taken far far away.

Mischief Movie Night (27/12 only): Streaming live from their emergency comedy bunker, see this highly praised improv show on a screen near you.

Festive RomCom Improvised (27/12 only): An improvised comedy play based on Hallmark Christmas Holiday Movies featuring Mike McShane, Suki Webster and more. Donations to Red Cross/Red Crescent.

Awkward Question Time: An hour of increasingly stupid questions from host Alex Leam & the audience on YouTube.


Have I missed a show?  Get in touch and let me know.                                    @MidlandsImprov


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