Full listings for all UK online improv shows in May below.



Shoot From The Hip: The first of two weekly livestreams of improv games on Facebook and YouTube.

Monday Night Improv: Have your mind blown in this fast, frantic, totally improvised comedy show, live on Facebook and YouTube.



The Noise Next Door: Mind-blowing songs and jaw dropping gags all made up based on what YOU want to see.

Werewolf Live…stream: The UK’s best comedians play the famous bluffing game for your amusement on Twitch.

Couch (04/05 and 18/05 only): Special livestream of the group’s Spotify improv show, with audience members able to add songs to the playlist.

Den Of Fools (04/05 and 18/05 only): Improv games, jokes, funny stories and puns, with a Star Wars special on May The Fourth.



Board Game Smackdown: UK board game chamption James Cook makes his funny friends play board games on YouTube and Facebook.

Extreme Improv: Fun and interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…

Comedy Sportz: Family friendly comedy show where two teams go head to head to find out who is funnier, viewable on YouTube.

Impronauts (05/05 only): An hour of live, cinema-inspired comedy sketches: streamed for free on YouTube.

Improbotics (05/05 only): A professional human cast and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence improvise together on an immersive virtual reality stage.

The Noise Next Door (19/05 only): Improv comedy extravaganza of songs, scenes and gags, all made up based on your suggestions.



Virtual Improv All Stars: Mind-bending green screen technology, multiple cameras, and a star-studded cast of improv comedians combine to create an explosive comedy experience like no other.

Extreme Improv: More interactive shortform games based on audience suggestions.  Watch on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer…

Glossop Improv: The Glossop players make a scene with a guest improviser, available on Facebook Live.

The Book Club: An interactive improvised hour where Stevie Martin discusses this week’s book that has definitely not been made up on the spot with a highly academic guest.

Gorilla Burger (06/05 & 20/05 only): Theatre karaoke where you can be the star. Send a message to join the Zoom call, or just watch on Facebook live.

Crowdsauce (27/05 only): Would you like to be able to play an improv scene with one of the stars of Whose Line Is It Anyway? If so this interactive family friendly event is for you.

Andrew O’Neill (20/05 only): Pay-What-You-Want and support your favourite weirdo comedian live on Zoom.

Off Mute (Date TBC): Another comedy night of fun and games on Facebook Live.



Extreme Improv Matinee Madness: Lunchtime laughs from the prolific comedy machine. Watch on YouTube, Facebook & Twitch.

Shoot From The Hip: The second of two weekly livestreams of improv games on Facebook and YouTube.

Revenge Of The Mafia: Interactive show based on the social deduction game. Watch on YouTube, Facebook & Twitch.

Friday Night Improv (07/05 only): Special show from the Monday Night Improv gang, live on Facebook and YouTube.

Unmute (07/05 & 21/05 only): A half hour livestreamed online impro show designed for the Zoom Generation.

Wretched Hive (28/05 only): A Star Wars themed show viewable on YouTube, Facebook & Twitch.



Comedy Sportz: Two teams go for gold with totally unscripted competitive comedy, viewable on YouTube.

Intellectual Hooligans (08/05 & 29/05 only): Comedy improv games fuelled by your suggestions, live on Zoom.

The Showstoppers Alternative Eurovision Song Contest (15/05 only):  Brand new songs parodying all your favourite Eurovision genres, expert commentary from Tom Allen, guest judges and interactive voting, all in aid of The Care Workers’ Charity.

The Showstoppers (29/05 only): One of two chances this month to see a special livestream from the West End stars with a brand new musical based entirely on audience suggestions.

Improv Provocateur (29/05 only): Ram Comedy Festival performers, including Tony Slattery, are challenged to play improvised comedy games, designed to test their bravery.



Awkward Question Time: An hour of increasingly stupid questions from host Alex Leam & the audience on YouTube.

The Weekly Weekend Weekend Show: Games, chaos and a special guest each week, live on Twitch.

The Garden Party (all except 30/05): An open-spot style show hosted by The Nursery for teams who would like to bring their show a global audience, free to watch on Facebook Live.

Larklord (09/05 and 23/05 only): A splendid selection of stand-up comedians, improvisers and actors perform a series of ridiculous tasks to impress the Larklord. Who will win?


Have I missed a show?  Get in touch and let me know.                                    @MidlandsImprov


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