It is a time of change. Livestreams seem to be winding down and in-person shows are starting to return. Many improv groups that have been hibernating for the last year or more will be coming back to life. Some old troupes will not return, and in their place new teams will emerge as ideas developed in isolation can now enter the world. To capture these changes, here is a snapshot of the list of improv groups in the Midlands.

This is a copy of the list of groups here, taken for posterity. In practice this has not been updated since late 2019, though once things settle down I’ll give it a refresh. In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to all those who have come before and created so many memories.


Allison allow us to catch a glimpse of a seminal moment in the lives of two ordinary people and then explore the bizarre world in which they find themselves.

Baron Sternlook create one-off musicals and short music-based scenes, lead by James Lovelock (Showstopper, Music Box).  They perform regularly in the city centre. [Read the reviews here & here.]

Box Of Frogs is Birmingham’s premiere impro group, founded and run by Jon Trevor.  They perform regularly in the Jewellery Quarter and at the Glee Club. [Reviews here & here.]

Fat Penguin are Birmingham’s home for Chicago-style improvised comedy.  They put on free shows in and around Moseley most weeks of the year. [Reviews here & here.]

Foghorn Unscripted is a Birmingham based narrative improv company covering Dickens, murder mysteries and more.  [Review here.]

The Improlectuals are an improv supergroup with performers taken from many other Midlands groups.  They perfrom regularly at various venues across the Midlands. [Review here.]

Jumprov are the UK’s freshest improv theatre company & Britain’s only BAME group.  Founded by Sunny Dhap, made up of David, Jade, Chantal, Adaya, Jay & Marius. [Reviews here & here.]

LoveHard create stories, songs, routines, musings, tragedies, horrors, films, pilots, feelings, pitches, harmonies and jokes. [Reviews here & here.]

Off Broad Street create scenes, songs, music and dance for one-off performances of musical theatre.

OK Stop shows are fast-paced, interactive and unpredictable as they perform a whole movie based on an audience suggestion.  [Review here.]

SquidHeart is a comedy show which uses a single word from the audience to create an entire world of hilarious characters and compelling stories. [Review here.]

Watch This enjoy both short-form and long-form shows, performed by members of the University of Birmingham Improv Society. [Reviews here & here.]

Wayward Souls bring you Groundprov Day, where you can see the consequences of a changing a single choice played out again and again.


Denise’s 50th explores the intense emotion of every awkward social gathering you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of attending, turning it into a comedic delight.

MissImp are Nottingham’s top improvised comedy theatre group and perform across the East Midlands several times a month. [Reviews here & here.]

NICE are the Nottingham Improv Comedy Experience, promoting the art form at special events throughout the year.

The Red Herrings is formed from members of the University of Nottingham Improv Society.

Rhymes Against Humanity are the Midland’s favourite musical improv troupe creating musical mayhem on the spot using audience suggestions. [Reviews here & here.]

The Vox Pops create fast paced, emotionally grounded comedy out of true stories told by the audience.


The Same Faces are an improvised comedy group with regular performers Tom Young, Allan Smith and Dave Gotheridge.  Monthly shows in Leicester and Northampton. [Reviews here & here.]

Tiny Stories aim is to entertain while showing just how much we all miss in our average day to day life by focusing on the small moments.


Coventry Improv is made up from a wide range of performers with varying backgrounds, combining their talents to play classic improv games[Review here.]

The Improv Musical are a group of musical actors which can turn any scenario into a fully formed musical.  [Review here.]

WITS is the Warwick Improvised Theatre Society, made up of students from the University of Warwick.  [Review here.]


4Front Theatre produce shows that are entertaining and thought-provoking for people of all ages.  They perform improv shows across the Midlands a few times a year.


Improv Provocateur is the illegitimate child of stand up and improv, where the bravest comedians from Midlands comedy festivals take part in a range of improvised games.

Have I missed something?  Get in touch and let me know.                                    @MidlandsImprov


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